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Google Analytics

Running an e-commerce app is not as easy as it seems. According to business reports by an E-Commerce Development Company firms, who are running an e-commerce app need more skilled people than those running their own store. Analyzing the app performance, business development model and the sales performance are some key features which are very much in use for the e-commerce platform. Since the seller is not directly in contact with the buyer, they cannot judge the behavior and the psychology of the buyer. In such a condition, there is an urgent requirement of algorithm based analytics that can help in determining the various behaviors of the consumer and also to measure and judge the performance of the company across all segments.

Google Analytics is the analytical tool provided for free by Google. The tool allows you to browse through the various statistics of your app and draw out conclusions based on the data that you get. Right from providing the number of users, the geographical spread, the usage time and the likely interaction of a user with your app, Google Analytics is a powerful tool that is a must to use for all the e-commerce firm owners. With so many options, Google Analytics is a one stop solutions to many basic needs that an app owner has. Their real time tracking techniques, clubbed with the other products of Google, allow a user to track the performance of the app and even add goals and checkpoints to measure the popularity and conversion rate of the apps. According to reports by some App Development services Google Analytics is the most favored tool because it is free and the reports generated by this service are quite comprehensive and can be easily used to formulate marketing and strategic planning for the e-commerce firms.

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