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Mastering Python, the most popular programming language of 2018, can open new avenues of career growth for you.

The open source object-oriented programming language, Python is increasingly being used for programming small and large applications. Python supports multiple programming paradigms including functional, imperative, and procedural programming.

Here are some of the top application areas of Python:

#1. Web development

Python lets you develop web applications with ease. Python come with various pre-supported libraries for internet protocols like HTML, JSON, email processing, IMAP, FTP, and easy-to-use socket interfaces. The package index has libraries making it easier to write web apps using Python.

#2. Desktop applications

The binary distribution of Python is shipped with Tk, which is its standard GUI library. You can create user interfaces for various applications using Tk. There are various other toolkits available for building GUI as well. You can use platform specific toolkits like GTK+, Microsoft Foundation Classes through win32 extensions, and Delphi

#3. Scientific and numeric applications

The most common application of Python programming is building scientific and numeric applications. Libraries like SciPy, Pandas, and NumPy are designed to build scientific and numeric applications using Python. It is no wonder that companies working on data science and machine learning field hire Python developers in good numbers.

#4. Network programming

Python is extensively used in Network Programming. At low level, there is basic socket support. The language allows users to implement clients and servers for both connection-oriented and connectionless protocols. The language supports libraries that provide higher level access to specific application level network protocols.

#5. Games and 3D graphics

This is the most interesting implementation of Python programming. Among all the popular frameworks, PyGame and PyKyra are two most popular frameworks for game development. Apart from this, you can rely on various 3D rendering libraries. Game developers can follow the semi-annual game programming contest, PyWeek to learn more about how Python is used for game development.

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