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Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has announced integration with GitHub. The Microsoft-owned GitHub is attracting various open source platforms lately. With over 350 open source projects and 200 million lines of code, Apache Software Foundation is another important addition to GitHub.

Apache has had two version control services: Apache Subversion and Git. Over the last few years, developers wanted their source code to be available on GitHub. The code-sharing platform makes it easier for developers to work in collaboration with hosting and code reviewing platforms. ASF has now successfully migrated its Git service to GitHub.

In an official announcement, Nat Friedman, the CEO of GitHub said, “We’re proud to have such a longstanding member of the Open Source community migrate to GitHub. Whether we’re working with individual Open Source maintainers and contributors or some of the world’s largest Open Source foundations like Apache, GitHub’s mission is to be the home for all developers by supporting Open Source communities, addressing their unique needs, and helping Open Source projects thrive.”

Developers using Apache Subversion and Git always wanted their code to be hosted on GitHub as well. However, Apache allowed hosting read-only mirrors on GitHub, which limited the use of GitHub tools and services.

This integration will help ASF projects to be hosted on a single platform where the code can be viewed, reviewed, and collaboration can happen between the 31 million developers who use GitHub across the globe.

Greg Stein, administrator for ASF infrastructure said, “The Foundation started integrating GitHub’s repository and tooling with our own services. This enabled selected projects to use GitHub’s excellent tools. Over time, we improved, debugged, and solidified this integration. In late 2018, we asked all projects to move away from our internal git service, to that provided by GitHub. This shift brought all of their tooling to our projects, while we maintain a backup mirror on our infrastructure.”

Apache will decommission its own Git Service once the migration is done. However, the work is not done yet. Apache continues to experiment and expand the set of services that GitHub can offer to its communities

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