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Sophos had recently revealed the findings of its study where it was found that only 8% of Indian IT managers have a skilled cybersecurity team.

With so many concerns around enterprise IT security, an otherwise considered secure macOS was also open to security vulnerabilities through Zoom’s partner apps. A software was automatically getting installed on the Macs by Zhumu and RingCentral exposing the macOS to serious security exploits.

Apple has now quietly released silently a macOS update to remove the flawed Zoom software from Mac. The update will remove flaws software from Zoom partner apps available on Mac.

A report was published last week by the security researcher Jonathan Leitschuh announcing the threats. He had flagged the Zoom security flaws. In this recent update, Apple has removed 11 apps that were vulnerable to the flaw. The popular apps include RingCentral and Zhumu, which use the videoconferencing technology from Zoom.

The security update removes the hidden Zoom web server and protects users from the vulnerability. The update does not remove the web server installed by RingCentral or Zhumu’s desktop apps. Apple’s update has removed a feature that connected people to conference calls. The company has said that this measure will protect current and previous users from the vulnerability.

The security flaw in these websites made users join video calls and activated Mac webcams without the explicit permission from the user. Zoom has patched the bug and removed the local server on Mac devices.

In a statement, RingCentral said, “We recently learned of video-on vulnerabilities in RingCentral Meetings software and we have taken immediate steps to mitigate these vulnerabilities for any customers who could be affected.”

Apple’s silent update removes the feature that quickly connected people to conference calls. The tech firm has said that this measure will help in protecting current and previous users from vulnerability. As a part of the update, users will now be asked if they want to open app rather than having it open automatically.

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