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Huawei has unveiled a foldable smartphone called the Mate X, four days after its major rival Samsung revealed the Galaxy Fold.

Huawei’s consumer CEO, Richard Yu, revealed the device onstage at Mobile World Congress on Sunday.

Like the Galaxy Fold, the Huawei Mate X looks like a normal smartphone while folded up, but then unfolds to become a tablet-like device.

  • Huawei on Sunday revealed its foldable smartphone, the Mate X.
  • The Mate X comes after Samsung showed off its own long-anticipated Galaxy Fold folding phone on Wednesday.
  • Huawei has one-upped Samsung with a 5G version of its folding phone.
  • The phone works like a normal phone, but then unfolds into a tablet-style device.
  • It will cost a whopping €2299, versus €2,000 for the Galaxy Fold
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