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Adobe has updated Adobe Premiere Pro, its popular video editing tool. The updates which are a part of Adobe Creative Cloud leverage the Thunderbolt connected eGPUs to enhance their performance. Adobe has also added significant new features to its Creative Cloud apps. These tools are driven by Adobe Sensei.

Steven Warner, Adobe’s Vice President of digital video and audio said, “Video is experiencing a golden age as video professionals across broadcast, film, streaming services and digital marketing are facing higher consumer demand for content creation. Meanwhile production timelines are shorter and the list of deliverables are longer. Through optimized performance and intelligent new features powered by Adobe Sensei, video professionals can cut out more tedious production tasks to focus on their creative vision.”

At NAB 2019 (April 6-11) in Las Vegas, the combination of thunderbolt connected eGPU will be demonstrated. The combination of Sonnet, Adobe, and AMD technologies will help content creators to effectively cut ProRes 422 4K, H.264 export time by more than half. This change is important for creators that export their videos to YouTube. The traditional hardware setup takes 70 seconds for exporting a 15-second clip. When creators use the Sonnet system along with AMD Radeon Pro WX 9100, normal ProRes 422 4K and H.264, the export time will be cut by 29 seconds.

Adobe’s demonstration video highlights multi-GPU enhancements. Both Radeon Pro 650 and the WX 9100 are utilised during video. If content creators/editors are using Mac Pro with multiple e-GPUs, they will witness a great improvement in the performance.

These additions somewhat focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered post production editing tools. Adobe Sensei and workflow improvements are powering these eGPU and multi-GPU enhancements.

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